How to Update Orbi Firmware | Orbi Firmware Check Error

How to Do Netgear Orbi Firmware Update?

Performing Netgear Orbi firmware update is considered a tedious task by many. Either they are not familiar with the correct procedure or they get stuck with various issues like Orbi firmware check error. Just in case you are looking for a guide revealing instructions on how to update Orbi firmware, your search finishes here. On this page, you’ll find whatever you want to know regarding the firmware of your WiFi router.

Why Do Orbi Firmware Update?

Learning the reasons to update the firmware is necessary before you jump to learn the instructions to carry out the process. FYI, the firmware is a set of instructions (software) embedded in your Orbi router unit. Right after powering up your wireless router to transmit signals to every dead zone in your house, each activity is taken care of by the firmware. In other words, the firmware acts as a governing body for your router. This firmware becomes outdated whenever a newer version is rolled out in the market. Additionally, outdated firmware gives shelter to many WiFi-related issues. Thus, to keep those issues miles apart and streamline the network performance of your device, updating Orbi firmware is necessary.

How Many Methods are There to Update Orbi Firmware?

Updating the firmware of the Orbi router is possible only if you’re aware of the methods that can help you get success with the process. Thus, knowing about the methods is also important before proceeding to learn how to update Orbi firmware. Given below are the two methods that can help you install a new firmware version on your WiFi router unit:

1. Manual Method – The manual method of updating Orbi firmware involves accessing the router’s dashboard using the web URL. Additionally, it requires the user to download the firmware file separately which is then uploaded on the router. However, you can also check for online updates after reaching the firmware update window. In that approach, chances of you becoming a victim to the Orbi firmware check error are high.

2. Orbi Application – Firmware upgrade via the mobile application is considered the easiest method. The only requirements to update the firmware via the Orbi app are the application itself and a working internet connection.

How to Update Orbi Firmware Manually?

The steps highlighted underneath will help you complete the firmware update process of your Orbi router via the manual approach:

  • Power up your WiFi router and connect it to the access point.
  • This connection can be wired or wireless.
  • Pay attention to your computer and power it up.
  • Load a web browser and access or
  • Input the necessary information when asked for authentication.
  • After logging in to your router, click Administration followed by Advanced.
  • Navigate to the Firmware Update tab and click it.
  • Now, you’ll see two tabs named Manual Update and Online Update.

With that, the section discussing the process of updating Orbi firmware manually comes to an end. You can take the help of our technical team if you find the process difficult or stuck at any point. Worry not! Time is not the limit for them. They are always on their toes to help users facing Netgear Orbi firmware updated related issues.

How to Update Orbi Firmware via Orbi App?

Check out the instructions mentioned below and learn how to do Orbi firmware update via the mobile application:

  • Ensure that enough power is being supplied to your router as well as the access point.
  • Unlock your mobile phone and launch the Orbi app.
  • If you don’t have the Orbi app installed, get it from the app store of your mobile phone.
  • After launching the application, consider providing the required details and do router login.
  • On the dashboard of your router, tap the Menu icon.
  • Now, select the Settings tile and tap Router Settings.
  • Move down and tap Check for Updates in order to verify if a new firmware is available.
  • If you see the Update Firmware button instead of Check for Updates, it means your router is already lacking the latest firmware. So, tap it.
  • Right after that, you need to do what the screen suggests.
  • Your router’s firmware will get upgraded.
How to Update Orbi Firmware via Orbi App?

This is how to update Orbi firmware via the Orbi application has been completed. Now, you can resume your digital journey and enjoy the latest features that your router has just received.

How to Fix Orbi Firmware Check Error?

Users who opt for the Online Update tab (in the manual method) and the mobile application while updating Orbi firmware might get an error message. If you too are somehow being bugged by an error message, here’s what you have to do:

Why is Orbi Not Working After Firmware Update?

No matter whether you do Netgear Orbi firmware update via the mobile application or the manual method, the instructions enlisted in the previous sections will help you. But, there are chances that your Orbi denies to get back to work after firmware update. It happens if the wrong firmware is installed or the process is halted. To get rid of the issue, you can get in touch with our team. Our experts will not only reveal how to update Orbi firmware but also assist you till you get success in updating Orbi firmware and your router starts flaunting new features.

Orbi Firmware Update FAQs

After you select the Firmware Upgrade button, the process may take up to several minutes. However, you are not supposed to interrupt the network connection until the process gets completed. You will get notified by your Orbi when the latest update gets installed.

Updating Orbi firmware is considered a safe option. But, you should be careful while following the instructions displayed on the Firmware Update window. Any mistake in the process might result in unwanted errors.

You can enable auto-firmware updates on your Netgear Orbi by navigating to the Router Auto Firmware Update section.

FYI, the firmware of a Netgear Orbi device consists of programs designed by software developers to make it high performing. If the firmware is not updated timely, it results in the non-functional status of your router.

If you’ve enabled auto-firmware updates on your router, then it will subsequently notify you. However, if it does not, then ideally you should update the firmware at least once in three months.

Perhaps, your WiFi devices (Orbi router and modem) are not connected properly. Therefore, we suggest you establish a stable connection between them. You can choose a wired or wireless source according to your convenience.

Data refers to login information, WiFi settings, security settings, and other performance enhancement settings. If the user updates the firmware of the Orbi, then the data will remain untouched.

Firmware corruption on your Orbi router can happen at any time no matter whether your WiFi device is new or old. However, if you need more help regarding the corruption of the router’s firmware, contact our experts.

If a hacker can breach the security level of the device accessing your Orbi’s network or gets access to your router’s credentials, then he/she has multiple options for the type of attack he want to carry on your router’s firmware.

Orbi firmware failure might occur just after a sudden electrical outage, short circuit, or upload of the wrong firmware file on the router. In that scenario, reach out to our support team.
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